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En la pasada Hispacon tuvimos una conferencia sobre literatura fantástica hindú. Para todos los que se quedaron con ganas de saber algo sobre la literatura de género -la conferencia fue muy interesante desde el punto de vista teórico, pero pecó, a mi entender, de decimonónica excelencia- aquí os dejo un enlace, en inglés, a un artículo que trata sobre la CF hindú en la actualidad.

DNA-ALTERING experiments, moody robots, strange mutations from failed cloning projects, wonder machines and nano-gadgetry, and, of course, aliens playing peek-a-boo with humans — science fiction writing in Indian languages has this all and more. And its popularity is growing steadily, especially in the eastern and southern regions of the country. Most science fiction (SF) writing in regional languages is in the form of serialised stories in magazines, but novels and short stories are also gaining popularity. Says Dinesh Goswamy, the well-known Assamese SF writer, “SF is very popular in our state. During Durga Pooja, magazines bring out special SF issues.” 

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